Sneak Preview of ip-BOX 8. The Multifunction IPTV Satellite Decoder

I can’t hold my excitement when I received this sample unit from Factory. Direct DHL to me once the final unit is ready to mass production stage.

ip-BOX 8 is the Latest (most likely the greatest) Multifunction Satellite Decoder so far I reviewed.

Main feature:
1.Full HD 1080p + CA+ 2USB ports ( 1for PVR and Upgrade, 1for WIFI, 2G/ 3G GPRS Dongle) + LAN port (for internet sharing, media streaming and IPTV) + Control via Smartphone (iOS, Android, Blackberry, WindowMobile) supported.

2.Support Various Media streaming sites like: Youtube, Youku, PPS, PPTV,  Youp**n, Youj**z, P**nhub and many more!

3. Able to download Youtube clip to external USB storage. Able to record IPTV while watching.

Special features:
1. When you play YOUTUBE, you also can Record it to HDD ( USB) !
. you* * * n and P*rnhub have the same function
2. IPTV support major streaming site: Youtube, Youku, PPS, PPTV, Youp**n, Youj**z, R*dtube and many more.
3. Control the STB decoder via Iphone/ Android/ PC /Mac/Tablets
4. Edit channels list and satellite list via PC or Mac (Used any browser like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and etc
5. Airplay any video/songs from you iPhone/ Android/ iPad/ Tablet/ PC/ Mac to STB decoder via wifi (No Cable)
6. Stream any Satellite channels from STB to PC and Android phone (iPhone and Mac suppport are in progress)
7. Stream any movies/songs from you NAS (Network drive)




To Pre-Order, Please fill out the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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