4 New channels on 91.5ku

Some update on 91.5ku!

New channel added:
Jaya TV: TP 11682 V 30000 (Before is BRTV)
Raj TV: TP 11482 V 30000 (Before is TEST)
Kalaignar TV: TP 11605 V 30000 (Before is TVAH)
Star Vijay: TP 11522 V 30000 (Before is TEST2)

Bernama TV (BRTV) and TV Alhijrah (TVAH) Changed to TP 11142 V 30000

***If you cannot see those listed TP, PLS ADD in yourself.
1) Press menu, Installation, Transponder List
2) Then “Add”(Green button), Key in Frequency=11142, Symbol Rate=30000, Polarity=V, Press ok
3) After that, go to the TP 11142 V 30000 that u just add and press OK, and OK again. It will start scan.
4) To add another TP, repeat step 1 to 3.


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