Q9 QPlayer Multifunction Satellite FullHD Decoder Features (Part 2)

Let us continue to look at some of the useful features for this latest model Q9 Qplayer Multifunction FullHD decoder

7) Picasa Photo: You can now view your photo on this decoder.


8) Google Map


9) Video on Demand (VOD): Let the screenshot do the talking. :). It is password protected by default. You can change the default password easily to block unauthorized access. Very secure.


Use Proxy mode: if you currect Internet Service Provider (ISP) is blocking these site. Easy to configure


10) Chinese Input: This is one of the 1st decoder that had Chinese Input. Good new for Chinese User who want to search Mandarin content on YouTube.


11) Complete accessories to get you start to view right away. Remote, HDMI cable,  RCA Cable and External Power Supply. This will help lessen the heat in the decoder and it can be easily replace.

That is. 11 features that worth mentioned on this Latest Model Q9 QPlayer Multifunction Satellite Decoder..

To Order, Please fill out the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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