No picture on the new version OpenBox S10/S12 w/RCA output? Read here

Our 10112011 firmware was setup for the previous version S10/S12 where there was just HDMI and analog composite video. The default is 1080iHD for HDMI and 480i for the analog.

The new component video will put out whatever the HDMI puts out, so in the case of our S10/S12’s, 1080iHD. If you are using a non-HD TV or a TV with a 720p max resolution you will need to do the following:

1. Hook the analog output (yellow) to your tv.

2. Brand new from us there are no channels in the box so it will boot to the menu. Navigate to SYSTEM SETUP > TV SYSTEM

3. Switch the video resolution to 480i, 480p or 720p_60 to match the maximum resolution of your TV. DO NOT SELECT 720_50 OR A 576 MODE, THESE ARE FOR EUROPE/PAL TVs ONLY!

4. Switch over to your component video outputs, you will now have picture assuming you set the S10 to a mode your TV supports.

When we get new firmware from OpenBox I will mod it so that the default is 480i to avoid issues with older TV’s and the component video.


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