How to manually add a TP to your OpenBox (easy)

This one is very simple to do, anyone can do it. I was missing the Florida Network S2 channel on 87W last night so I simply added the TP, scanned it and found very quick.

2 ways you can start:

1. Move the dish to the satellite you want to add a TP to.


2. Just go to the tp list and flip thru the satellites. OpenBox will automatically move the dish as you change satellites.

Either way here is the proceedure when you are on the sat you want to add to.


2. Look and make sure you are on the correct satellite. If not use the < and > arrows to flip thru. If you were already on the satellite it should be the one selected alreadyu.

3. Press green button to add.

4. Type in the frequency, then arrow down to symbol rate

5. type in the symbol rate, arrow down to polarity. Use < or > arrows to change polarity.

6. Arrow down to save, press OK button

To scan the TP:

1. Press blue button on remote for Search
2. Either press ok and it will search, or set the options if you want such as FTA only, TV/Radio and Network search. I just hit the ok button as the defaults are what I want with a manual TP scan.


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