How to use your S10HD PVR Function- Personal Video Recorder

S10 menu are the darker ones on the right.

What you will mostly use to record and playback recordings


1. Insert a USB device into the rear panel of your S9 / S10 / S301 set top box. If you are using an external hard disk enclosure please ensure it is a powered unit (separate power supply) , and a USB 1.0 or USB 2.0 device, not a USB 3.0 auto switchable device as it simply will not work as the set top box has no software to run your driver i.e WD USB 3.0 devices will not work. We have tested up to a 1tb sata USB hard disk and it works well. If you are recording HD remember this can take up to 200mb per minute of disk

2. To record a TV programme simply press the REC or record button and a small REC logo will appear in the top right hand corner of your TV screen.

3. You can also use the EPG button to set up a recording session in the future via the yellow button on the S9 and green button on the S10

4. You can use the timer menu option to record future events.

but make sure you select record as one customer selected channel which just changes channel and then then said the box will not record!

5. You can use the record manager to also record a TV programme

tip: using the EPG or Timer record options there is a limit of 24hrs of record time

How to play back recordings

1. Press the menu button

2. Select the Media Menu as shown below

3. Select the record manager menu

4. now simply use your up and down arrow keys to select the recording and press OK to play it

If all elese fails read the user manual or ask for added hands on training

How to play these files back on a PC / Media Tank / DVD / CD

The raw file on your PVR above is for the set top box only as shown above.

To be able to play these files back on your PC / Media Tank / write a CD or write a DVD you to first convert them to a format that you require.

To do this you can download AVS Video Converter 7.1 or greater. Their web site is here click here to learn more on . This software is not freeware so not included with your Openbox S9 / S10 or Airbox S301. However this link provides a trial version for you to play with and if you like it you can see for the next steps.

click here to see a sample converted file in full AVI from TVNZ One News about the RWC 2011 opening – 40mb long Or copy the link and open with say VLC or the likes

Original File Name:

Converted File Name: 000.AVI


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