Troubleshooting your Openbox S9 / S10

What you will mostly see

USB issues.

1. Make sure your USB stick is formatted in FAT3 and working in your computer

2. If you are using a USB enabled external hard disk, then make sure it has an external power supply, as the S9 / S10 USB port will not power the hard disk (most common issue).

3. Check that the S9 / S10 is reading your USB device as is shown on this menu below;

4. Do not use a MAC / Linux or other OS to format your USB device, use the HDD Format option as shown above

5. Do not use USB 3.0 devices on these boxes

Scrambled / Smartcard

1. If this happens for more then a minute then simply press the red power button on your remote control unit to power off the box. Then after a few seconds power the box back on.

2. Also check the LAN cable is still plugged into the S9 / S10 set top box, there will be two flashing lights next to where it plugs into the back of the S9 / S10. If there are NO lights then your LAN is disconnected. So plug the LAN cable back in. Also check your HUB / Modem router to see that the lights for the S9 LAN cable are showing (lite up).

3. Check DHCP = ON by pressing Menu, Network Setting, Network Setting, Set DHCP=ON and reboot

4. If Step 3 not working, Set DHCP=OFF and manually input your decoder IP and Gateway. Make sure the Gateway = Your Router IP address.


If you see this message your box is clone version openbox s9 hd

In our forum we say ”If you are not one of our customers and looking for openbox software, be very careful as it has anti-clone software built into it, and it might brick/kill your set top box, so make sure your dealer does the updates for you as only they know if your box is a clone or not. Here in Malaysia there seems to be allot of clones set in the market (far cheaper in cost than our boxes – now you know why!) of late as our web reporting is showing allot of searches on “your box is clone version openbox s9 hd

This why we have not and will not provide software online for Openbox that are not sold by us (yumy and M-sat Brand). We will not be held responsible for your dealers or your mistakes – period.



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