How to edit my Satellite lists

S10 menu are the darker ones on the right.

1. How to Delete & Add satellites

Press the Menu button and select the Installation Menu (2nd menu) and then Satellite list

2. How to Delete unwanted satellites in your Satellite list

Tip: this is usefull when we send you an updated TP list as we will have many satellites in that list and you may not want then all

Simply highlight the satellite(s) you do not want in your satellite list and then press the Blue button to delete them, and then the OK button to confirm you want to delete the satellite.

When you have finished deleting the satellite(s) from the list press the menu button to exit and confirm you want to save the list.

3. How to add new satellites to your satellite list

Press the Green button and simply fill in the details as shown on the screen.

Once you have added the satellite – click here to see how to re-tune / re-add your channels into your satellite system


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