How to do a satellite scan to add more channels to the system

S10 menu are the darker ones on the right.

1. Press the menu button and select the installation menu as shown below

2. Select the scan single satellite option and press the OK button

3. Now select the satellite you wish to scan from the list by using your left and right arrow (the volume buttons) buttons

4. Now select blind scan and then press OK over the button shown above. The set top box will now blind scan the satellite you have selected and show you in real time what it is finding. When it has finished press the OK button to continue.

Note: Many providers change their transponder information from time to time, so you will need to do this yourself when the channels change or simply ask us for an updated channel list via email, and you can flash the update via USB stick. But if you are not our customer, we may ignore this request – see the main wiki page about why this might happen

Note: All new channels will be added to the end of your channel list

Note: If you are updating channels you may want to delete them first – see this how to – How to delete my channel lists

You may now want to move these channels around so see this menu option on how to do this How to edit my channel lists


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