OpenBox S10 HD Overview

OpenBox S10 HD Overview

Introducing the new and improved successor to the popular OpenBox S9….The leaner and meaner OpenBox S10 HD PVR. The S10 features similar architecture to that of the S9 with fast, accurate blindscan, quick channel changes, high sensitivity tuner, PVR and more. All of the critical functions of the S9 are retained but with the following improvements:

  • Much smaller, compact casing.
  • Replaceable tuner module.
  • New remote control with “VFORMAT” button in a better location.
  • Replaceable HDMI Module
  • New GUI
  • Lower price

The OpenBox S10 HD PVR from dreamboxmy is a low cost, high value FTA/CS satellite receiver. Don’t let the low price fool you, the OpenBox S10 is a full featured quality FTA/CS receiver with many advanced features. The OpenBox S10 handles all of the current FTA /CS satellite standards and video formats in SEA including DVB-S2 and H264/MPEG4. About the only video format not supported is 4:2:2 chroma used on a few satellite “WildFeeds”.


OpenBox S10′s purchased from Dreamboxmy come with our latest exclusive file containing the most up to date satellite information for South East Asia Beam that are receivable on many country including China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and many more. Our file places all of your satellites in order by orbital slot and provides both slot and satellite name tagging.

The OpenBox S10 has PVR (Personal Video Recorder) features built in. Simply plug in a USB hard drive or flash drive and you are ready to record video and pause/rewind and fast forward live TV!

This receiver is simple enough to use that a “newbie” to True FTA can use it, yet has advanced features that the serious hobbyist demands. Have a  OpenBox S9? The OpenBox uses Ali architecture and is very similar in menu layout. Built in CAM/CI support also allows this box to be used for subscription services in the USA and worldwide.

The OpenBox S10 features a highly sensitive tuner and a fast, accurate hardware based blindscan for DVB-S/S2 signals. The SD upconvert on this box is excellent, many SD signals can be mistaken for HD, its that good.

AC-3 audio is output thru the HDMI direct to your TV and is also downconverted to the analog RCA (red/white) outputs for older TV’s.

Finally, the OpenBox S10 features full CA/CI CAM support for subscription services. There is one CA cardslot built in and a Common Interface (CI) slot that will accept your CAM (Conditional Access Module) for your subscription service(s).

Price= RM 389

To Purchase: Please send an email to mikewet88 @ hotmail dot com


One response to “OpenBox S10 HD Overview

  1. hey mate.
    im looking forward to get few openbox for my customer
    but before we purchase it we would you guys come to my place and show us the demo
    im interested with your openbox because of hdmi


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